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9 August, 2019

What to see in Lima - Que ver en Lima - BarrancoAre you planning to visit Lima, but you don’t know which places you can visit there? In this article I’ll tell you what to see in Lima.

Lima is on the Peruvian coast and it is the only capital in South America that has a bay.

The most important international flights that arrive in Peru land in Lima, so here is a list of activities you can carry out in the capital of Peru.


Historic Centre of Lima

What to see in Lima - Que ver en Lima - San FranciscoThe historic center tells us about the life during the colonial times through its impressive palaces in the main square and through the city’s most important houses around it.

We recommend visiting the San Francisco church and its catacombs, the cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace at the main square. Walk through the Alameda Chabuca Granda (at the back of Palacio de Gobierno) and the Torre Tagle Palace. Know more about our history visiting the Inquisition Museum or enjoy the art at the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI).

What to see in Lima - Que ver en Lima - Centro HistóricoWe recommend taking a whole day for this tour. Getting to the city centre is very easy, you can take the public transportation (Metropolitano) or you can get there by taxi. You can also book a tour that lasts half a day.

The admission to some of the temples and palaces has a cost:

  • San Francisco Museum S/ 15.00 or US$ 5.00
  • Lima´s cathedral S/ 10.00 or US$ 3.00
  • MALI                 S/ 15.00 or US$ 5.00

*The prices in US dollars are an approximate, they depend on the daily exchange rate.

Interesting sites near the historic centre

What to see in Lima - Que visitar en Lima - BarrancoNear de historic centre there are some places you might find interesting:

  • Larco Museum: located in Pueblo Libre district, this museum has a private collection of more than 45,000 pieces from pre-Columbian cultures. The admission ticket costs S/ 30 or US$ 10 (approximately).
  • National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru: if you are interested in knowing more about our country’s history, you should definitely visit this museum. It has more than 30,000 pieces that are part of our pre-Hispanic, colonial and republican past. The admission ticket costs S/ 10.00 or US$ 3.00 (approximately).
  • Magic Water Circuit: this circuit is open in the afternoons and displays different water fountains with light and movement shows. The admission ticket costs S/ 4.00 or US$ 1.20 (approximately).


Que ver en Lima - MirafloresMiraflores District

Miraflores is Lima’s most touristic district. Every tourist stopping by walks through its boardwalk and beholds the bay. Miraflores has a lot of bars and restaurants for those who want to enjoy the city’s night life.  The municipality of Miraflores constantly displays art exhibitions and fairs that are free of charge in most cases. Find out about these activities on this link: Agenda Cultural.



What to see in Lima - Que ver en Lima - BarrancoBarranco District

Barranco is a bohemian neighbourhood that was inicially a seaside spot for summer visitors. It is currently one of the city’s most touristic districts. It has mansions that have been turned into luxurious hotels, art museums, restaurants and bars for all tastes.  Don’t forget to cross the Puente de los Suspiros bridge and make a wish.


Gastronomy Tour

Lima is currently considered the Culinary Capital of America due to the fast evolution of the development of its

What to see in Lima - Gastronomía

Foto: PromPeru – Gihan Tubbeh

typical food, the knowledge about its ingredients and their preparation, and to the creation of new dishes that combine the cultural diversity of our country.

It is possible to visit the local markets and know more closely about the different types of native fruits and vegetables. Try the wide range of flavours and dishes that the local restaurants offer. Check if you need a reservation, some of these restaurants require reservations 3 months in advance.

On the other hand, some private spaces offer other kinds of experiences, for example, ‘Peruvian Experience’ offers a space not only to know the Peruvian gastronomy but also to participate in it.

Lima has a lot to offer to its visitors, so we recommend you to stay at least three days to know the city better.

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