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12 December, 2022

Lima has been named the gastronomic capital of Latin America. With that fame, it’s very difficult for any restaurant to enter any list that is made about the best restaurants in Lima. Peruvians love to eat well, this means eating plenty, with a fair relationship between price-quality, and the best taste. So, if you’re travelling to Lima Peru, discover the best places to eat here!

1. Central Restaurante

This restaurant is a jewel in the crown of Peruvian gastronomy. Ranked 1st on the list of the 50 best Latin-American restaurants, Central has taken Peruvian food to another level. This project of the award-winning chef Virgilio Martinez, faithful believer and defender of native Peruvian ingredients from different regions, is a must stop for the most demanding palates (and the loosest budgets) who visit Lima.

Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco

2. Saha Terraza

This innovative restaurant combines Peruvian food with innovative cooking techniques, to achieve high quality dishes that maintain the traditional flavors of Peruvian coast cuisine. Saha Terraza has a new, pleasant and fresh atmosphere, and it’s a great choice for a hearty and delicious Peruvian meal.

Address: Calle Bolívar 164, Miraflores

3. Maido

best restaurants in Lima - restaurant maido

This restaurant combines the best of Nikkei cuisine with Peruvian flavors. By definition, “nikkei” are people or traditions of Japanese descent. In the case of Maido, this is marked in a proposal that has managed to be named as the number 1 among the best restaurants in Lima, for two consecutive years. It is know as one of the Best Restaurants in Lima by the 50 Best.

Address: Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores

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4. La Mar 

Faithful to the tradition of not eating ceviche at night, La Mar is the perfect “cevichería” for lunch. The menu is very dynamic as it changes depending on what the sea has to offer in the day, so you can go several times without getting bored. They don’t attend at night, except private events. Definitely you can’t leave Lima without trying one of the best ceviches in the city. You get that at La Mar!

Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 770, Miraflores

5. Isolina Taberna Peruana

Isolina is one of the best restaurants in Lima to try traditional generously served food in a pleasant and casual atmosphere. The price-quality ratio is second to none. Also, the concept of tavern makes everything much more relaxed for diners. You don’t need a reservation, but you should probably wait a bit for a table because it fills up every day.

Address: Av San Martin 101, Barranco

6. Chifa Unión

Chifas are restaurants that merge Chinese and Peruvian cuisine. Thanks to the enormous influence of Chinese migration to Peru at the beginning of the last century, today we can enjoy a unique meal that combines oriental culinary techniques with the best flavors, both Chinese and Peruvian.

One of the best places to try this fusion food is Chifa Hong Kong in Miraflores: simple, cozy, with good prices and the best flavors.

Address: Jr. Unión 126, Barranco

7. La Lucha

restaurant la lucha

Traveling to Lima is synonymous with tasting the traditional “jamón del país”, “chicharrón” and “pavo a la leña” sandwiches of La Lucha, always made with fresh ingredients and prepared at the moment. Huayro fries are some of the best you will taste in all of Peru. They have several venues so you have no excuses.

Address: Diagonal 308, Miraflores

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8. Mayta

Mayta is among The World’s Best Restaurants 2022 and The Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022. It’s a contemporary Peruvian cuisine restaurant and pisco bar in Lima, Peru, where the traceability of indigenous products is always sought, combining contemporary culinary techniques with local products to create sophisticated and modern dishes.

Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 1285, Miraflores

9. Panchita

Panchita is the restaurant of Gastón Acurio, one of the most recognized chefs of Peruvian cuisine. A few blocks from Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Panchita is one of the restaurants preferred by locals and tourists. 

In its menu you will find the most traditional dishes of Peru as the “anticuchos” (beef heart skewers), tacu tacu (mixed rice and perfect seasoned beans), and desserts like picarones (Peruvian donuts).

Address: C. 2 de Mayo 298, Miraflores

With such a varied list of the best restaurants in Lima for all tastes, it’s impossible to run out of options to try the best of Peruvian cuisine in a city like Lima, known worldwide for its tasty food. We hope this information has been useful to you!

Colourful Peru invites you to experience our country. We are committed to offer you the best options so you can live a Colourful journey. If you want to know more about our suggested journeys, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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