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19 December, 2022

With Peru, you have already chosen an excellent travel destination because the land of the Incas has a lot to offer. You probably still don’t know when is the best time to go to Peru to discover this country with so much historical and cultural wealth. You should know that you can travel to Peru all year, but according to the province, there are months better than others. 

Key aspects to decide best time to go to Peru

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding to fly to this spectacular land is the climate. Temperature and rain vary greatly from region to region, so having this information in advance will help you know what to pack.

The first thing you should decide is which region you’re going to go to or if you’re going to take advantage of your stay to discover the whole country. In case you want to see everything, you’ll have to wear all kinds of clothes because it’s very likely that you will have rainy and sunny days. Temperatures will be diverse during your wonderful trip.

The coast: beaches of Peru

beaches peru

If you are a beach lover, surely you can’t resist to know some of the most famous beaches on the coast of Peru, such as Zorritos, Punta Sal o Pimentel. The particular geographical location of these beaches, many of them by the desert or a valley, makes them have a fairly temperate climate. 

Therefore, you could visit the Peruvian beaches all year round without having to worry about time. In fact, the usual summer temperatures here range from 27°C to 37°C during the day. The typical winter temperature drop continues to bring temperatures we can consider high, between 22°C and 28°C.

Pro tip: In autumn, winter and spring, there’s a fog that generates shadows and darkens its wonderful landscapes. Therefore it is advisable to visit it in summer, thus avoiding the fog.

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The mountains: Machu Picchu and the Peruvian Andes

Two of the greatest tourist attractions for those who decide to visit Peru are Machu Picchu and the Peruvian Andes. If you decide to visit these magical places, you should keep in mind that the height of each area establishes its climate and can vary the temperature considerably.

In the Andes area you can find more sunny days between June and September, although the temperature can vary sharply between day and night. Also, from 4000 meters, it is very normal to find snow.

On the other hand, if you intend to visit Machu Picchu, our recommendation depends on whether you are looking for a sunny day or less crowded by tourists. From November to February, rains abound, but you can enjoy the area with greater tranquility, as it is low season in tourism. As of April, the number of tourists begin to increase, but in May the number of tourists increases considerably.

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The jungle: the Amazon rainforest in Peru

best time to go to Peru - amazon rainforest

If you decide to enjoy the Peruvian Amazon you need to know that it has its own climate, which you need to know well to make the most of your trip. You have to keep in mind that between the months of November and March the rains are very abundant. If you love the rains you can enjoy it to the fullest, but if you don’t, it can make your trip very difficult. In contrast, from April to October rainfall is very low.

Keys to prepare your suitcase

Once you’ve decided on the best time to travel to Peru, it’s your turn to pack. With our company you will have more than enough space to carry everything you need.

Peru has a wide range of climates. Its climate is known as intertropical. The Andean country has tropical, boreal, alpine and subtropical climate regions. This makes it essential that you carry a little bit of everything in your suitcase: warm clothes (because it’s usually fresh at night in the highest places), a good raincoat and at least two comfortable pairs of shoes.

Why at least two pairs? You will walk through a variety of places. You will travel to cities, beaches, forests, etc., so it is essential that you have the right footwear for any situation. In addition, it’s necessary to bring a spare, since the rain and mud can appear at some point in the journey.

Peru is one of the countries of Latin America where more adventure sports in groups are classified. Some of the most demanded activities in Peru are trekking, motocross, rafting at Lago Azul or boat ride on the Amazon River. So, there is no excuse not to visit Peru.

Colourful Peru invites you to experience our country. We are committed to offer you the best options so you can live a Colourful journey. If you want to know more about our suggested journeys, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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