Colourful Peru

8 December, 2020

After more than 3 months on hold, the domestic flights resumed in July in Peru, except to the cities that must remain on lockdown as stated by the government.

By now, there are flights being operated from Lima to Tumbes, Talara, Piura, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Tarapoto, Iquitos, Pucallpa, Arequipa, Jaen, Cusco, Cajamarca, Tacna, Puerto Maldonado, Jauja and Juliaca.

The international flights will resume starting with countries of the region as Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil (Sao Paulo) from October 5th. To do so, the Peruvian airports have prepared the safety protocols to prevent COVID-19 contagion.

Down below you will find the information for passengers about to travel to and in Peru.

  1. Before traveling:
    1. Do not forget to wear a mask and face shield.
    2. A negative molecular-based COVID-19 test result to enter and leave the country for international flights.
    3. Travel light: make sure you do not carry liquids, jewelry electronic devices in your hand luggage to avoid delays at the security checks.
    4. Only the passenger will be allowed into the airports, except for people that need assistance or minors.
    5. In case of having any COVID-19-related symptoms, you must not show up. Please contact the airline to reschedule your flight.
    6. Check-in online before leaving to the airport.
    7. The airport opens at 04:00 h when the curfew ends.
    8. Only passengers with flights scheduled in the next 3 hours will be allowed in the terminal. It is not necessary to be there before.
    9. Be careful with your personal belongings, the Lost & Found office will be closed until further notice. Every lost object will be immediately discarded to avoid contagion. ​
  2. Boarding:
    1. The use of mask and face shield is mandatory.
    2. The access to the airport can be:
      1. Pedestrian: you must check the gate corresponding to your flight, age or special requirements.
      2. Vehicle: vehicular access only through freeway to leave passengers.
    3. All passengers must show their identification document and boarding pass (printed or electronic) or their travel reservation to enter the airport.
    4. The use of luggage carriers is limited in order to avoid contagion risk. Only people who require special assistance will be allowed to use them.
    5. Body temperature will be taken before entering the terminal. Passengers with temperature 38°C or higher will not be allowed to enter.
    6. Passengers must sanitize their footwear in the foot baths at the entrance.
    7. When boarding the lines will be formed respecting social distancing according to the signs on the floor.
    8. If the passengers need to check-in, they can do so at the airline’s counter.
    9. In case the passenger needs to check their luggage, they must personally take it to the airline’s counter.
    10. The security staff have the protection equipment they need: masks, face shields, gloves and overalls according to the inspection activities they carry out.
    11. When going through security controls, the officers and guides will give the passengers instructions to place their belongings in the right place before the inspection.
    12. If the passenger is carrying a backpack or hand luggage, they must not use the trays, they can place them in the x-ray machine. The use of trays is only for objects that are out of your hand luggage, like pieces of clothing or big electronic devices. Smaller items such as watches, bracelets and cellphones must be inside the hand luggage.
    13. It is not necessary to take off your footwear.
    14. Passengers must respect the social distancing signs on the seats at the departure lounge.
    15. Passengers must respect the social distancing signs on the floor while boarding.
    16. Passengers must place their boarding pass on the scanner to avoid document exchange with the airlines’ staff.
    17. The departure lounges are sanitized after every flight.
  3. Arrival
    1. The use of mask and face shield is mandatory.
    2. Passengers will have at their disposal alcohol dispensers to sanitize their hands, as well as bins to discard masks and gloves.
    3. Passengers should collect their hold luggage respecting social distancing according to the signs.
    4. Passengers with connecting flights must exit the terminal and enter again to pass through all the controls again.


All the services and commercial premises inside the airport have implemented all the sanitary measures to assure the safety of our passengers, users, and employees. These measures include constant sanitation, capacity reduction, use of mask and gloves, physical distancing, among others.






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